How can I have Screening Codes re-sent to me?

Where do I find my screening login codes?

What do I need to administer the Well Screening®?

Will the information I added to the Scoring Form be saved if I stop in the middle of testing?

Will my Scoring Form information be saved if my computer loses power or internet connection?

My colleague and I accidentally tested two students using the same Screening Code, so which result goes with which student?

If I enter the wrong Date of Birth, does that affect how the screening is scored?


How is performance measured?

What is the Well Screening?

Who can administer the Well Screening?

How long does it take to administer the Well Screening?

How often can the child be screened with the Well Screening?

What areas does the Well Screening address?

Will my information be saved if I log out of the Well Screening before completing and submitting the Scoring Form?

Who completes the screener?

What research supports the Well Screening?

How do I purchase Well Screening Codes?

After purchasing, how do I access my screening codes?

What if the child can't use a mouse, and I don't have a touch screen computer or tablet?

What do I do if I know the child is able to provide the correct answer but doesn't respond?

Can I deliver the Well Screening in a remote or virtual setting?

Should I be worried if the child is unable to read?

Scoring and Results

We did our kindergarten registration yesterday and a few birthdays were entered wrong in the scoring form. Is it possible to adjust birthdays? If not, does that affect the validity of the score?

How do you score the Well Screening and access the results?

What do the icons on the Learning Profile mean?

When should further evaluation occur?

Can I email results from the Well Screening to a colleague or a parent?

What are the psychometrics? Specifically the validity and reliability data?


What devices do I need for the Well Screening?

What operating system and browser do I need to have?

How fast does my internet need to be to run the Well Screening?


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(Your Screening Code is emailed to you after you purchase the WELL screening.)