New to the Well Screening?

Get started with the Well Screening® Starter Kit! Includes everything you need to start screening—an ebook manual with step-by-step guidance and 25 screening codes (+1 free practice code).

Well Screening Starter Kit

Well Screening® Starter Kit

US$99.00 | Stock #: 54791

Need more screening codes?

After using your initial screening codes, you can purchase additional codes for future screenings. Codes are sold in packs of 25 (+1 free practice code).

Well Screening Supplementary Screening Codes

Well Screening® Supplementary Screening Codes

US$75.00 | Stock #: 55064

Once you purchase the Starter Kit or Supplementary Screening Codes from Brookes Publishing, you will receive your screening codes in an email from Well Screening ( within 2 business days.


The Well Screening is now available from Brookes Publishing!


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(Your Screening Code is emailed to you after you purchase the WELL screening.)