How does the Well Screening® work?

Once the test is purchased through Brookes Publishing, an email is sent from Well Screening ( with a Screening Code and a link to the Well Screening. The characters, Trip and Click, instruct and guide the child through the entire screening.

The child takes the screener using a computer or tablet connected to the Internet. The adult helper connects to a simple online Scoring Form using a smart phone, tablet, or computer. Some subtests are scored automatically. Others require the helper to check a box next to every answer the child says correctly. The Scoring Form shows you exactly what the child must say. After taking the screener and submitting the Scoring Form, the results section appears instantly detailing the child’s Learning Profile along with links to Next Steps: games, learning materials, and help finding the right professional to consult in any skill area identified as a weakness to bolster.

Who can administer the Well Screening?

The characters in the animation administer the items on the screener for consistency and uniformity. An adult is present to monitor the process and score the child’s responses. Interpretation of the results is done by a qualified professional (see Terms of Use and Privacy Statement).

When should the assessment be completed?

The Well Screening identifies key kindergarten skills and can be administered to children:

  • 1. At the end of preschool to determine kindergarten readiness.
  • 2. Throughout kindergarten to monitor academic growth.
  • 3. Prior to starting first grade to identify lingering areas of need.

How long does it take to administer the Well Screening?

On average, it takes about 20 minutes to complete the screening. The child may need more or less time depending on his/her capabilities. Let the child determine the pace of the assessment.

How is performance measured?

The child’s performance is compared to normative research and grade norms and placed into one of three categories: A Strength to Celebrate, On Track, or a Weakness to Bolster. A Weakness to Bolster may simply indicate that more exposure to a skill area(s) is needed. If the child performs below expectations on three or more subtests of the Well Screening, enrichment in these areas should be initiated and further testing should be considered if there are concerns.

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