It's comprehensive.

The WELL screening doesn’t just look at one aspect of the child’s development. It assesses many skill areas important for school success: language, early literacy, reading, attention, math, social communication, speech sound production, and motor skills.


It's individualized.

A child is more than a number on a scale. The WELL screening gives in-depth personalized results that pinpoint the child’s strengths and weaknesses. Scaled scores are calculated for the individual subtests to provide more specific information. This helps guide instruction for targeted areas that need strengthening. The WELL screening can be used to follow the child’s progress throughout the year.


It's specialized.

The WELL screening is a unique comprehensive screening drawn from the specialized fields of speech-language pathology, education, psychology, and child development and is backed by more than 30 years of clinical experience.


It's fast.

Skills are assessed in a short 20-minute engaging test that children love. The WELL screening is administered the same way to every child allowing for consistency and uniformity.


It's affordable.

The WELL is available for individual and bulk purchasing.


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