Zoom Instructions

The Basics

  • See Zoom system requirements (Zoom.us)
  • Zoom host (professional) opens Scoring Form on smartphone, tablet or computer
  • Students can use an iPad, Mac, or PC to take the Well Screening remotely
  • If a mouse is needed, the student points to the picture on the screen and the helper at home or Zoom host remotely clicks on the student’s selection
  • If the student uses touch screen and the student’s touch does not activate the selection, the helper at home or Zoom host can press the student’s selection
  • Headphones with mic must be worn by both student and Zoom host
  • Ensure Zoom is added to accessibility settings
  • Ensure autoplay is on
  • If lag times occur due to internet connection, Zoom host should use video controls

Before starting Zoom

  • Go to wellscreening.com
  • Enter Login Code and open My Screening
  • Press Begin Screening button (BUT DO NOT START THE SCREENING)

Begin Zoom Meeting

Have student join host on Zoom with computer audio and video on

Press Share Screen

Go to More… and choose Share Computer Sound

Go to Remote Control and give Mouse/Keyboard Control to student (student needs to accept)  *Chromebook does not allow remote control of mouse

Zoom host should press Stop Video for both host and student 

Make sure animation is large enough on student’s screen and nothing is blocking the screener (i.e., student should close picture of host if on screen)

Student presses Begin Screening button on the Well Screener (Trip and Click are pictured on this screen), and student takes the test

Zoom host must remember to press stop button on Confrontational Naming subtest

Zoom host enters the Screening Code (displayed at the end of the animation) onto the Scoring Form 


Log In

(Your Login Code is emailed to you after you purchase the WELL screening.)