Zoom Instructions

The Well Screening® was normed through in-person administration, where the professional sat next to the child. The Zoom Instructions that follow are provided for professionals who must deliver screening remotely.  Before screening remotely, please be sure to consult your school or program, your professional organizations, licensing boards, insurance providers, and state laws and regulations regarding remote screening and other telepractice issues. Use your clinical judgment to determine if remote screening is appropriate for each child and in your practice generally. Be sure to document all considerations, observations, and procedures as dictated by professional best practice and ethical codes.

What You Need for Remote Screening

  • To administer the Well Screening remotely, you will need a desktop or laptop computer with a webcam and a Zoom account. You will also need a second device (a smartphone, tablet, or computer) to complete the Scoring Form.
  • The child should use an iPad, Mac, or PC with a webcam to take the Well Screening remotely.
  • Both the administrator and the child will need Broadband Internet access.
  • Both the administrator and the child should wear headphones with a mic throughout the screening. Be sure that the microphone is not voice activated.
  • An adult helper (e.g. a parent, guardian, or caregiver) must sit with the child during screening to help with technical issues. Be sure to meet with the parent or caregiver before screening to test the technology set up and clarify their role.

Getting Set Up for Screening

  • Review the Zoom system requirements (Zoom.us) before getting started.
  • On a desktop or laptop, create a Zoom meeting and act as the host.
  • If a mouse is needed, the child points to the picture on the screen and the helper at home (or Zoom host remotely) clicks on the child’s selection.
  • If the child uses touch screen and the child’s touch does not activate the selection, the helper at home or Zoom host can press the child’s selection.
  • Ensure Zoom is added to accessibility settings.
  • Ensure autoplay is on the child’ device.
  • If lag times occur due to internet connection, use video controls to pause or rewind the screener.

Before Starting Zoom

  • Go to wellscreening.com on the child’s computer.
  • Enter a Screening Code and open My Screening.
  • Press Begin Screening button (BUT DO NOT START THE SCREENING).
  • On a second device (a smartphone, tablet, or computer), enter the same Screening Code and open the Scoring Form.

Begin Zoom Meeting

  • Have the child and the adult helper join the Zoom meeting with computer audio and video on.
  • Press Share Screen.
  • Go to More… and choose Share Computer Sound.
  • Go to Remote Control and give Mouse/Keyboard Control to the child (the adult helper will need to accept)  *Note: Chromebook does not allow remote control of mouse.
  • Press Stop Video  on Zoom for both host and child.
  • Make sure animation is large enough on the child’s screen and nothing is blocking the screener (i.e., child should close picture of host if on screen).
  • Prompt the child to press Begin Screening button on the Well Screener (Trip and Click are pictured on this screen). Trip and Click will then guide the child through the screening.
  • As the child completes the screening, enter oral answers into the Scoring Form on your device as noted. Refer to the Examiner’s Manual and the Instructions page for more guidance on the Scoring Form.
  • Remember to press the stop button on Confrontational Naming subtest.
  • Once the child has completed the screening, a Scoring Code will appear on their device. Enter the Scoring Code into the Scoring Form. Then submit the form.


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(Your Screening Code is emailed to you after you purchase the WELL screening.)